Why do I keep thinking of him?

My ex and i broke up a while ago and we haven't spoken to each other since. I had blocked his calls to avoid contact. His cousin and I had a huge argument about him and I finally realized it was him I needed to speak to.
Dont judge... Well, at the moment he is in jail so I can't call him. I told his sis to tell him to call me and when he did call, before I can press a # to speak he hung up. I haven't thought about him at all since the breakup but since he called and hung up before we spoke, I can only wonder why he didn't wait? Or why call if he really didn't want to speak?


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  • Because you're weird.

    • Thank you! I hear it all the time... But I like to use the word unique. :)

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    • Shhh... Kill yourself.

    • Ok...

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  • Sounds like you miss him tremendously.. Maybe phone calls aren't the way to go.. If you really need to.. Maybe visit him in jail.

    • I dont feel comfortable going to the jail, though I have thought about it. Plus, it's 8hrs away. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ But you're right I do miss him though I admit I've done well with not thinking of him.

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  • you have left over feelings for him. find some closure once he gets out.


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