Was I rude or I did the right thing?

Long story short, today my ex got invited in a Skype call, we haven't talked for about two years and i really dont mind it at all.
I just ignored her and continued to talk normally as i would, if she wasn't there, she was the one that was screaming that i shouldn't talk to her ever again, even though she cheated me. I would normally talk to her after all this time, if she didn't pretend that i didn't existed in our past encounters, i am talking for a couple years ago and telling to everyone, that our relationship was a lie.
A few minutes after she realised that i was just ignoring her, she started to flirt with the other two friends of mine to make me jealous till the moment she was removed from the call.
All opinions are welcome!


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  • She cheated on you, why is she anywhere even NEAR your life?

    If someone cheated on me, I wouldn't even bother with ANY potential drama.

    You are officially beneath me, less than dirt, walk out of my life, and don't even speak to me again.

    Simple. You're inviting drama into your life by even being around her.

    • I understand what u mean and i had no contact with her for the last 2 years. She just got in the call after me thought, i had no no intention of talking to her so i ignored her. I hate drama too :P

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  • nah you did the right thing, which is fucking hilarious and awesome. I request the highest of fives.

    • hehe thanks!
      High five!

  • I wouldn't even have gotten into that situation. obviously no good was going to come of it so I would have just not joined in

    • I was in the call before she got invited. And ofc i wouldn't leave the call because she joined in. I just ignored her.

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