Girl dumpers who dumped their first love and started dating several guys, did you want your ex back?

Just wanted to ask this like after you broke it off and started dating several men. Did you want and miss your ex bf back? If not how long did it take you to get over them?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I did miss him but he cheated twice so I never wanted him back. Sometimes I still think about what we could've been but I don't want to be with him anymore.

    • Yeah he messed up big time

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well in my situation I was with me ex for 9 months and she ended up going back to her ex just like that. Still wasn't over him, wish I could say I was the bad boyfriend lol

    • The ex dumped her or she dumped the ex to get with you?

    • I believe he dumped her to find himself , and two months later I come along.

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What Girls Said 2

  • It's a better sign for you that she's dating everything that walks. She's trying to make you jealous and really really likes you

    • i can't even date right now cause my heart still wants her. I don't want to hurt myself and anyone. I want to reach out but I want her to reach out for me

    • This is going against all that you want but you must not contact her for a good 2 or three months. She'll be desperate for you at this point. Like I'm desperate for my ex

    • Thank you. She did cave in after a month before. I'm just scared that she will start liking the new guys and just forget about me.

      She did mention she will always love me, can't wait for the day we get married. I guess this is a risk I will take and believe in the quote "if you love someone, set them free"

      How did yours start out? You broke it off with your ex and you dated around?

  • I wanted him but he was bad for me so I had to end it... and I took me a year an a half to fully get over him.


What Guys Said 1

  • depends on the reason why they dumped but im sure some girls felt like they had to dump a guy because it was simply the right thing to do even though they liked him so much.


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