Would you fight for a girl who you were forced to broke up with by her mom. if she has moved on with another guy?

she's been dating this guy for 3 months the rebound guy but find out while i started having dreams of her she has been dreaming of me as well so i take that as a sign from god. Then 2 months ago she message me we started talking then she started crying said she misses me and i did nothing wrong then cried to sleep then 2 days later turned cold. So i need space and think she does too. I gave her advice then told her to block me. Its like when ever we talked she crys her eyes out we been throgh a lot together i know she loves me but feels lost with her mom on her back over 1 dumb online fight. As for the new bf i know her for 6 years thats how she deals with pain by forcing herself to love the first guy that comes along. I plane on metting her at collage at the end of the month and pop the big question. But i just like to hear other ppls thoughts on this... Do u think this can work out? And would u fight for her or move on?


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  • leave her be. you didn't have any balls a few months ago, don't pretend to now.

    • Was taking care of my sick sister she has cancer n could not even move at the time plus ii tried speaking to her dad 2 times then both of her brothers and failed. I tried everything i could at the time but meeting her at collage agin was taking care of my sick sister at the time. But my ex mom forced everything on herwe tried making it work online but agin mom got in the way her hair was falling out she could not even eat so i helped her through it then felt she need space to think thats why i left her alone for 2 months.

    • you said you broke up with her because her mom forced you to.

      well, which is it? seems like you're making up a lot of excuses for being weak.

    • Excuses your a odd girl and by force i mean they would not let her leave the house forced her to block me and everytime we talk on video chat she gets yelled at and forced into more things very long annoy story. But tell me if u have a sister that all most died amd keeps pasting out would u leave her side? And all am asking is what u would do if you were in my shoes? Not if i should its like it said above i have planes to speak with her at collage where we can be alone so we can talk.

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