Boyfriend breaks up after a week? Opinions pls?

I just broke up with my one week boyfriend last night. We've been talking for about 4 months and i think he is a great guy. Last week he asked me to be his girlfriend and i accepted. Mind you we haven't met on real life yet, the first two days are super sweet, he is super kind etc etc. But after he spent a day with his friends things kind of spiralling downhill.. he answered my text messages very shortly, and he seems disenterested. I decided to ignore him for a day then confront him, he told me that he's just tired. I confronted him again about the gap in our relationship and asked how should we proceed, then he breaks things off with me.
i am so devastated i thought he has genuine feelings for me? But he break me up only after a week?
i am trying to apply the no contact rule right now, last night he said he still loves me but he cannot maintain a relationship with me, he said its hard. Then i agreed to break up. Will he contact me again? Or is this it? Opinion please


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  • don't play games. the silent treatment is a tactic that will only engage weak people. if a person succumbs to the silent treatment they aren't worth being with.

    address all issues with positive communication (not confrontation or "no contact"). explain your feelings and ask how they are feeling and then work towards some common ground/compromise.

    Will he contact you again/is this is?
    I don't know


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  • I've noticed that when I start a relationship, I go through the first month as though it was a big mistake. I feel uncomfortable, I feel weird. But who hasn't felt uncomfortable or uncertain when you start something new? After I get through the first month, I feel okay and I start enjoying my relationship. What I'm saying is, it is new grounds for him and once he put the label on you as "his girlfriend" he got out of his comfort zone. He going through some denial and doubt on if the relationship is a good idea or not. He probably felt that way most likely when he was around his friends. The best thing to do is to give him a call, see how he is doing and just tell him that when you're in a relationship, especially in the start of it, everyone is a little afraid on how it is going to go. It's going to be uncomfortable at first, but that's the beauty of a relationship, you get over the fear and other obstacles when you work together.


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  • This is probably it, it doesn't mean what he felt wasn't genuine but this huuuuge gap between u two, and what were the chances of u ever meeting him? If slim to none.. Then what would be the point?


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