My ex boyfriend has broke things off again! PLEASE help me I don't know how to handle things!! Will he get in touch? Please help me out?

Please read I know it's long but I need help! My ex and I were together for eight months were each other first everything im17he's 18, the whole of the relationship was amazing we both have the same views and we always laughed and we was very much in love he treat me amazing I never doubted his feelings and we trusted each other completely we was so happy.
towards the end of the relationship I became too intense and we started to argue and he eventually broke up with me. after we first broke up I begged so I started to ignore him and then he rang me in tears saying he misses me, sadly he told me that he took another girl out on a date a week after the split, sadly he got very ill and needed a heart transplant and i seen him in hospital, however then he told me he didn't want me anymore and was very cruel to me.
we didn't speak for two months, after his transplant which thankfully was a success as soon as he woke up he rang me asking for a second chance, told me how sorry he was and how much his illness made him realise how important I am, so for about four weeks everything was perfect and I seem him a lot in hospital and we got along so good and we talked about going on holiday when he's home, he got me a beautiful Christmas present and then we argued a few times I had a bad day and took it out on him, then we both apologised and told each other we love each other, then the next day he said he's made up his mind and he wants to leave me! he said a part of him loves me but were doomed and our relationship is unhealthy, I tried to persuade him but with no luck, he's home now and I miss him, it's been five days since he broke it up I haven't attempted to contact him, he followed the girl he took on a date on Instagram, he didn't block me off social network sites nor delet a recent pic on Instagram of me. what do I do? will he text me?


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  • Move on, when one in a relationship decides that quickly and cuts contacts, she/he already made room for a new partner. And ure the last on his/her mind
    Like u said, u guys were bumpy, and if the new girl is exciting.. He's focused there, I'm sorry to say, he won't think much about u till that new girls excitement dies out


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