I'm getting this strange feeling like I'm not breathing like I'm empty and lonely when she is gone why?

I am very independent and never miss people, but with her it hurts when she is gone and I know it sounds weird but I feel peaceful when she is around. It got so bad at one point i think it was the worst pain I have ever experienced, and I have been through some pretty bad stuff, I have never felt anything like this before. I have only known her for 3 months and their are many girls that I think are way hotter even people I care about a lot I don't miss in this kind of way. I'm kind of disappointed I'm like this is so strange, but it's like I'm addicted to her and I'm having withdrawals and it lingers with everything I do granted I haven't really dated or been with other girls. Before I was just fine very chill and happy and it seems she made everything out of wack.


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  • You must be falling in love 😊 when you are in love with someone, how they look compared to other people really isn't a factor and your love for them is different and much stronger than for anyone else.


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  • I think that is sweet! Relationships go way past looks. If she is sweet to you and cares about you then i think it is normal! and for all you know she misses you like that too!! You can always tell her u miss that bad ! she may think its super sweet !!

    • Also i meant to add it sounds like a deep love! something deeper then most people have! If you have a phone text or call her maybe skype? Maybe true love at its finest

  • Jeez, I keep tryin' to tell y'all it's just indigestion.

  • It's called being a weenie. Grow a backbone.


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