What do u consider cheating? Which is worse emotional cheating or physical cheating?

I'm just curious what is ur definition of cheeting, if someone cheets would u want to know why or who with , witch is worse emotional cheating or physical


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  • I think physical cheating is emotional cheating at the same time, but you can cheat emotionally without cheating physically. Unless you're in one of those open relationship dealios. I think physical cheating is worse because it's going further, but emotional cheating is also a betrayal that hurts. It's easier to forgive small scale emotional cheating, I'd define it as anything that could be considered inappropriate if your partner was present, so that's also takes into account the partner's stance on it... some women are naturally flirty and that goes for some men too, so they can flirt without any emotional investment and their partner would understand that. I know some couples who flirt with people in other's company! lol

    • I agree. If a girl emotionally cheered on u would u forgive her

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    • Ik I'm being an idiot for still being with him

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • When you're commited with someone and start having second thoughts about someone else and actually acts somehow to make those second thoughts come true, then you're cheating.

  • both equally are shitty.


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  • If he thinks about cheating, (not fantasizes) then he should at least talk to me, even breaking up if he feels like it. He should not act and then saying he's sorry. Too little too late.


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