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Gf broke up with me cus I was being a controlling asshole. I later sent her a good apology and statement that I now realized what I was doing and wanted another chance. She said she would love to try again but needed some time first but still felt very strongly about me (we were each others first love) then a little later I felt I was being friendzoned temporarily and got defensive and it turned into a fight and I said something very very hurtful to her so she blocked me. I called her off another phone a week later and she said she doesn't miss me and is doing great but I don't know if i buy it. Its like she's just trying to make a point and get back at me. I later got a text from one of her friends saying that I need to just leave her alone and give her some time and space for now. Like how long should this take? I'm staying away from other girls because she said even after everthign I said that she hasn't seen anyone and doesn't plan on it. So thats makign me anxious becuase im revolving my actions around a girl who won't even talk to me but is still be faithful to me in a weird way. Id just like a few educated guesses on how much time and space she needs. I know for a fact I will here from her eventually but it would all be easier if I had a timetable or something to cope. I believe all this is is that she is mad at me for what i said.
Also I sent her a really really heartfelt apology already


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  • to be honest i had a controlling bf but we broke up in the end by me , why? because i felt like i had no freedom he even told me to keep away from other guys who i have been best friend with more than 2 years or so after we broke up he said something that really hurt me i have blocked him never spoke to him from everywhere and never wanted to see him again because it made me feel like when he said something offensive its like he was saying what he was thinking of me the entire time while we were in relationship it felt like back bittering and ever sense that i never wanted to see him again and if he came back i would reject and yes i did learned how to deal life without him , so anonymous , my opinion is when she said she is doing great without you she really meant it and plus when her friend is texting for her she probably showed her friend your apology letters , so just let go of her man there is no way to fix it , plus what would you like to hear from yourself that " there is hope for us , yes she wants you back , she totally misses you " but no you won't hear it from me im sorry for what happened and im just being honest here hope this helped a little.

    • well i wasn't nearly THAT controlling, i just didn't like her posting pics of her sticking out her ass cus that was giving the world the wrong impression. anyways yea im glad to hear someone lay it on me harsh, however nothing i said would indicate that i was thinking badly of her the whole time, might not make a difference, yea i prolly won't hear from her again and dont really deserve to if im gunna be honest with myself, may i ask how long ago he said those things to you and if he apologized somehow or tried to make it up to?

    • to be honest he hurted me and broked up right after the next day of my birthday which he has forgotten and yes i was offended when he forgot but i didn't brag about it in my argument with him because i dont not want to sound like beyond a spoiled child that i was acting , it was on October and no we didn't want to make it up and it was really offending to back bitter about me on his Twitter account hope this helps.

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  • What was the hurtful thing you said to her?

    • oh man it was low, she got denied from her college of choice a bit earlier so i told her to have fun at community college getting with douche bag guys who had nothing going for them either. fucking hate myself for saying that. can't get rid of this guilt, i was just so pissed in my moment, most immature thing I've ever done really

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