How can guys just seem to change in a heartbeat?

My now ex-boyfriend just broke-up with me and he seemed to change in a second. He went out of state for Christmas and before he left he was fine. We talked several times a day while he was gone, when he got back on Sunday he said he'd have to wait to see me until we both got back to campus. I said I'd drive down and see him and he said he would be too busy to see me and the calls stopped. I would text him and he would finally reply with a one word answer. So I knew something was up. Well I moved into my apartment last night and he came over and he broke-up with me. He gave me a explanation of why and he asked me not to contact him anymore, but he never said why it was all so sudden. Well I tried calling him a little bit ago and he changed his fucking number. I don't get how a guy change so fast? We planned future together and now he wants nothing to do with me? I don't get guys?


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  • First rule, don't generalise. I know this might seem minor, and I know its g@g because men (and women) think similar to the same gender, but that doesn't mean we are all the same.

    From what you've said, it sounds like he might have had something on the side? Frankly I don't know, but it could be a 'life-changing event'. Something has happened which has completely changed his outlook on life, and therefore also your relationship, because a decision like this, is not something that is just made on a whim.


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  • Sounds like wanted out. My ex did simiar thing 8 days ago He ended it for no real reason. We women have intuition and know when guys want to end it as they becoke cowardly in their phone communication and thats when you know they want to exit fast. Not your fault ok. You can get over him in time

  • 'cause they're cooooold hearted. which is adorable.


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