Does she love me or she's just emotionally attached still?

My ex gf and I broke up 3 months ago. I was doing well when we didn't have contact until she reached out to me. I was her first love and first bf for 5 years.

During these times she hooked up with a bunch of guys and had sex with them. I asked her what she wanted and she said she wants to be with me but she can't commit back to me cause she wants to explore. She wished we had met later on in life when she's ready to settle down. She's only 22 and I understand that and felt lucky she shared moments with me for 5 years while I explored already and ready to settle down.

We were working thjngs out but suddenly she wants space from me but she said she still loves me and can't wait for us to get back together. I think I should just block her cause I can't get my heart hurt again.


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  • if your gut is telling you to let her go, then you should do so. not that people can't change, but waiting for someone like that while they "get their life together" is a guessing game. if you don't find someone who is on the same page as you, then maybe it's fate that you were supposed to wait for her. but don't let her make that decision for you.


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  • This is a tricky one. I think her being young, maybe she liked the safety net she had with you. She might want to explore and see other people, but then come back to you, which isn't really fair on you. If she's not ready to fully commit to you then I would say delete her and move on. Do not let her string you along.
    Hope things work out for you :)

  • For ger to explore things while you wait is so unfair. Imagine the heartbreak if she meets someone while "exploring" and you've put your life on hold. Move on with your life and trust that whatever's meant to be will be


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