I tried to return some things to my ex but he doesn't want it?

My boyfriend and I just broke up about a week ago. I tried to return some of the things I borrowed from him, like sweaters and shirts and the teddy bear he had won for me at a festival. I say tried because when I went to return them, he told me to keep them instead.
Could there be a reason?


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  • He may not want them back because they will remind him of you. I doubt there is any other reason. He is most likely hurting right now and any thing that reminds him of you will make him hurt even more.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ok first guys are genetically stupid, it's just in their nature. They say girls don't know what they want, which is awfully true. But guys can be very hard to read. He might be confused with his feelings... who broke up with whom?

    • Says the girl who will most likely end up in a community college. Most girls in this generation only care about gossiping and drama.

    • I actually despise both gossip and drama thank you. And community college is honestly a good choice for some people who want an education but minus the price of living on campus. So that just makes you ignorant which also proves my point that guys are stupid. No offense tho :) @Huber

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