How can I move on from my first love?

We were together for 2 years and just recently broke up. I'm tired of being hurt and crying. I just really want to move on already. We talk everyday and we still have sex. (Won't do it with anyone else) He's been ignoring me for 2 days now for literally nothing at all, without warning. I keep calling him and I get sad that we haven't talked. How can I finally just let it go and move on? Should I block his number? And lastly is there anything I should say to him or just don't say anything at all?


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  • Block his number/facebook/twitter/instagram any social media accounts he has basically, stop having sex with him and just don't respond to anything he says to you. It will be hard at first but believe me it gets better.


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and thast it is Goodbye forever, my love. And with an "EX" that Marks his X in your soft spot, he usually has motive in mind as to Why------We talk every day and we still have sex.
    You are Now no longer his soul mate, sweetie, but his Enabler instead, sad to say. You are Enabling him to take you for granted, take terrible advantage of you and your body because you feel there might just be a chance again for romance down the road so you are Allowing him to do what he wants with you and even put you on his pay no mind list For-----Literally nothing at all.
    Bottom line is, I have to blunt and honest, he doesn't want a real relationship anymore nor to be hooked at the hip. He wants to be his own free bird boss and not two birds of a feather who stick together unless it is between the sheets.
    Let go of the past, let go of this sneaky snake skeleton in your closet. Email him, text him but No voice or face to face contact and tell him Goodbye, I want to move on, I feel it's best, no more contact.. have a good life.
    It's at least a closure for you and no matter how many times he tries to get in touch with you, don't let him in your house, in your life anymore and Block him if you have to from everything. It is going down a beaten path of War of the Roses and a full circle pattern of No promises, just sex And-------Being hurt and crying.
    Talking won't do him any good. He will keep telling you with his lame duck excuses that he needs time... it's this 'Time' that will drive you to insanity and you will just either end up hating him in the end or you Both will as this "Ex couple" that finally went south.
    Good luck. xx


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