Why did she leave so soon after two years apart?

I recently met up with my ex who left the country two years ago. It really left a deep cut when she left me and I couldn't talk to her for several months. She always initiated contact since our break up and has since told me she still loves me and that she really wanted to see me again, even inviting me to go see her in her new country. I am obviously very wary of getting involved again, but I still have strong feelings. Anyways she comes over my place to catch up, but after only 4 hours she had to be somewhere and I felt like she couldn't wait to get away from me. She's been back in my country for 2 weeks! When I dropped her home she wouldn't kiss me goodbye, even though I probably won't see her for another year. I know from everything she has done its obvious that she's just not interested. I just can't get my head around why she would come so far to see me, making all the effort to make contact over two years and then cold shoulder me like that. She knows I can't be friends with her and I thought she respected my wishes. To confuse me more, she sends a text later that evening saying she wanted to kiss me, but didn't expect me to understand why she didn't. To be honest I don't - any ideas?


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  • I was recently in your situation, My girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me because she said she "needed space" then later on she said she missed me but yet she didn't want to work things out. You could always ask for an explanation to what she meant when she said she didn't expect you to understand but I've learned that its sometimes better to just remember the good memories you have spent with that person and let them go. You could always try NC and see how things go, but just know that no matter whatever happens she is not the only girl out there :).

    • Thanks man. I tried no contact for over a year, yet she still keeps calling and texting. I finally give in and get the balls to talk to her again, agree to see her then boom she runs away again!

    • Gotta fight that temptation because you will end up right where you started. From first hand experience i can tell you there is no worse feeling than getting your hopes up and then things not being what we thought they were. Just keep your head up at all times man.

    • I know she's not the only girl out there, I've had plenty of chances for new girls and I have had 3 women since her, but she has this effect on me. Feels like I'm right back to the break up. Waking at 5am for no good reason thinking about everything.

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