What do you do when you're incompatible with everyone but still want companionship?

I'm in an interesting place. I'm too old to date girls that would find me attractive yet not grizzled and manly enough to get girls my age. My ideals go against the grain and my personality does not compensate.

It will only get worse.

What would you do in my shoes? Maybe my plans were for the best all along. Maybe I should have just pulled the plug (couldn't even follow through on that). I'm a few years away from being a potential danger to society. Nobody fucking gets it. NOBODY.

What would you do?

In before douchebag sarcasm and unfunny memes.


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  • A dog... or cat?

    • It's not as bad of an answer as you may have intended it to be.

    • It's a reasonable answer.

  • What's your age?

    • 25...

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    • ahh... shut up. You dumb...

      You want young hot teens or old women? You girls are so innocent, they're so HOT.

      I'm 25 too and I prefer teens.

    • *"Young girls are so innocent, they're so HOT."

      And by the way I'm considered very matured compared to the average guy around. I attract guy friends of age 30+ (usually 7+ years) to 40.

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