Not so much a break up but what is this I'm feeling?

ok so i was talking to this guy and it was nothing at all serious, he asked me out and im supa wicked busy and i told when i would be free and i told him not like the girls he usually dates (you know the ones with no goals and dead wombs) he literally got an attitude and basically said oh im not taking im serious and not making time for him at least those girls make tim blah blah. I'm not upset about him saying he's going to talk to other girls ok bye bitch, like you're not stopping anything. He wasn't that cute anyway. So no hard feelings, but I just have a problem with the attitude I mean it was so rude and uncompromising. It showed me that he didn't even give shit to keep talking to me until I had time to chill. So I guess I wasn't cute enough for him to hang on to either but his attitude really pissed me off cuz it was so much getting swerved upon that made me mad as much as the way it was done feel me?


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  • Dont worry too much about it.


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