How should I deal with her?

Hi everyone,
I fell for a girl who also was my best friend. I proposed her and she said yes... Everything was going great but after 5 weeks... She got unsure feelings about us... After few days she broke up with me saying she is not sure about us... I was shocked.. Everything thing was great... We never had serious fight or whatever.. Until the day of break up... N i decided i will not contact her again... But everyday she texted me i didn't reply her... After almost 30 days i became a little week and texted her... She said i missed you.. And i don't want to lose a friend like you... Still now i chat with her n she gives me all the good signs that she is attracted to me.. Like 90% of the time she texts me first... She always asks me when you are free.. We should hang out... I told one of mt mutual friend to ask her about me and note her reaction n words... Her response was she still likes me but not sure if its love... My friend told me that... how the hell should i deal with her? N if i ask her do u still love me... She says not sure... Should i go for no contact again? Or should I be normal with her?
I want to thank everyone who red this.


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