I complained about him and he left me - I want him back so bad. How should I behave?

I dated a guy for a few months and texted him two days ago saying that I think I know why I've been so unsure about our relationship. We never officially became a couple despite him telling me he loves me because I couldn't make up my mind. It has been very one-sided, He treats me like gold and does everything for me. I told him I wanted someone who can take control in a relationship and cares less/is more of a man because I have a "dominant" personality. He told me he wanted someone who likes him for who he is and that he wanted to pick his stuff up from my place the next day. He texted me that evening and said that he didn't want to continue the relationship, but that we can talk about it like I wanted to. He deleted me from his Facebook list, deleted all our pictures, etc.

He picked me up last night, I gave him his stuff, and we went to his house... he was very kind and caring, but more cold and "guy" like - basically what I asked for. We ended up sleeping together... twice.. and he let me sleep over and he was fairly cuddly, especially in the evening. I hope this is a good sign. I REALLY want him back because I care for him and the stuff I said was plain crap.

I asked if I could see him again today and at first he said he was going to friends house and then he said "maybe". I haven't heard from him yet and it's 5 pm.

My question is - how should I behave in this situation? Should I treat him really well to show how much I care for him, tell him he means a lot to me, message him that it was really nice to see him, etc. or should I give him space, not say much and let him come to me? By the way, we didn't talk about what happened AT ALL last night, like we were supposed to.


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  • Just talk to him directly... If he persists,, I m here for your service...


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