Was this a good exit?

I had a woman recently dump me 2.5 month's ago, she was the love of my life. she didn't give me all the reasons. and it damn near killed me. I am pretty much over the hurt now and after 2 months there has been some communication (e-mail) initiated by me at first... she has been continuing with conversation though. I have finally received some resolution and then I told her that "she was the best chapter in my life and I wish she had seen my best" than I simply said goodbye. it was a great relationship and I still have feelings. was that a good exit?

She did tell me that I treated her better than any other man and that I did nothing wrong. I am a good looking guy, we were happy. so either some other dude came along or it was something I don't know of.


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  • It sounds like you finally made peace with it, but you are not done. If she gave you any indication that she would see you again you would be all in. (And she knows it)

    • no I have more respect for myself, I am 44. I would want to but couldn't. I would have to see something reallyu big from her to consider it seriously.

    • OK :)

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  • that is great, you find your peace, and yeah it is a good end if you still feel good about youself when it comes to this relationship.

  • Are you sure you're done though? And are you sure you're not expecting her to give u a response you wanna hear?

    • I am done because I have to be, it wasn't my choice to break up. if I were to keep talking with her, she will see right through that. I said goodbye. I hope for her to contact yes. however I could never be with her again. I would be too worried that she would do it again.

  • I don't know I don't think you're done yet

    • What choice do I have? she ended it

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    • no not in one now, too soon Lol I never asked the question "Can we ever get back together" I don't know I honestly think that because she would have tried to work on it if there was a chance. she never once told me of any issues she had.

    • Well then you don't know for sure. So this was just all in the dark? She just up and said we're done?

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  • Yes, but it wasn't a true exit. You have to admit, that as much resolution you feel, telling her she was the best chapter in your life is simply admitting that you want her to come write more into it.

    • of course but then if she makes contact again then I will know she still feels

    • It was a great relationship for both of us, I really don't know all the reasons for leaving. it was very baffling for me, her kids and her family nobody understands. they even called to tell me.

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