He 'doesnt want/love me anymore'?

Me and my bf have been together for 2 wonderful years. We loved each other so well and we always made each other feel better. Until September. He tried to leave for no reason but i pursuaded him to stay and work it out. Its January now and he told me he doesn't love me in that way anymore and that he wants to be with other people. He said he just woke up and didn't wanna be with me anymore. He keeps saying its over but i can't let go that easily. I love him. He could love me again if he put his mind to it he just chooses to give up. He recently started tslking to an old friend who was in love with him. Now she goes over his house and he tells me hed never be with her but i can't tell. I just need to know whet to say to him to help him realize that we can be happy again if we both give it time. Please help me.
He promised me he wouldn't leave me unless something bad happened. But now he says 'i say a lot of things'. And i just feel like he just wanted sex not me and I don't know what else to do. I see him everyday in college and i can't live to see him with someone else. I dont want another girl to touch him or even see him the way i have. I just need to convince him to stay. Please help


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  • It sucks and I am sorry for you , please put your energy elsewhere because if you stay with this guy , eventually you will just get hurt later so get over it now and move on. Clearly his heart ain't in it , unfortunately you'r not the only one who goes through this , deal with the person in the mirror and be true to yourself , you deserve better , go find it...


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  • I'm so sorry he did that to you, but trying to force him to stay will only make him resent you. Let him go, but let him know you still love him. Love works in mysterious ways. Good luck.


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