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My ex broke up with me because he thought I would flirt which I see it as he thought he wasn't good enough for me.. a bit insecure.. however, instead of us completely letting go of each other we still text each other, send pics to each other. Recently, we started hanging out again and I've even stayed over at his house. When I ask him about being together he says he's not ready but to not pressure him.. so I've just stayed quiet. However, when I see him it feels great like we hug each other, he kisses me on my lips, forehead, we watch movies.. it's like we have feelings for each other. I just don't know though if giving him time is right (i know i really broke his heart) or try to ignore him for awhile. my heart says keep showing him you are there for him. What do you'll think? Do you'll think he truly likes me still?


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  • maybe, I would decide on how much I like him know and put a time on, if he do not say or do anything that makes me secure about this, in that time, I leave. Then I know I gave it a shot, and I did not feel like I was played.


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  • If he is thinking you are a flirt but you are not then you are going to spend a lot of time assuring him you are his completely.

  • Those with insecurity rarely have any potential for a future.


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