Am I really over my ex-boyfriend?

Back in July my high school crush asked me out after I've been waiting three years and it was going great until I started college in September 2014 and three weeks into the first term I met a good looking half Italian guy and we were friends but my boyfriend at the time, Luke, wasn't happy with my friendship with Josh, but after about a month I find out Josh has feelings for me and he breaks up with his girlfriend, she wasn't treating him right and he wasn't happy it wasn't until he moved closer to me that I realised I realised I was with the wrong guy, soon after Josh kisses me at the bus stop, I told Luke when I got home because I was guilty but he didn't break up with me but things weren't the same after that so about two weeks later we break up but the same day I say yes to Josh, we've been together for almost three months but every time we walk through town and I always look in at his work place to see if he's working, or I sometimes check his Facebook, recently I found that Luke had a new girlfriend but then I find out that he was cheating on me with her the whole time and nearly every night I think about what Luke and I used to do together and sometimes I miss it, I don't know if I am truly over Luke or just missing the little things that Josh and I haven't got round to, it's confusing me and making me even more depressed than I already was, it doesn't help that I have been fighting depression for two years.


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  • may be u do love him... all i can say is when u have so much lower back pain u can hardly worry about these stuffs //


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  • You know you are over an ex, when it no longer hurts you seeing them with someon else.

    • It doesn't hurt seeing him with Jess but it hurts because he cheated on me with her for the whole time

    • That is totally understandable. It is the ultimate betrayal.

      You have to try to think how lucky you are, that you are not still with the person you almost settled for.
      Dwelling on the hurt of the past, will only rob you of you any joy and happiness you can have in the present. Dont allow him to take that away from you

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