How do I know I'm not a friends with benefits and how do I know he's hurt and is taking it slow?

My ex broke up with me because he thought I couldn't be trusted. I saw him crying in such heart ache of what he thought I was doing. However now after being broken up him and I have continued to message each other and after 3mths We recently have started to hang out more. 2mths after that although still not together he invited me over to his house which is a big deal to me as before it seemed he didn't want his friends who dnt like me (because they THINK I did him wrong) to see he was with me again, but recently he has invited me over to his house with his friends there. To me it's a big step because he wouldn't have done this month's back. I have stayed over recently and have had sex with him. I have asked him before about being with him but he said he isn't ready for a relationship but to give him time and not to pressure him. When he was with me he was so in love with me and I remember him crying so much over his broken heart. When I'm with him he hugs me and at times will give me those stares in his eyes and smile. Can someone please tell me what you think is going on?


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  • He loves but doesn't want his heartbroken again.


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