Is making ex boy frienf jealous if we knw that he is going to patch up after 10th grade?

i luv him very much but we broke up and said we will patch up after 10th grade
but he doesn't smile or tlk to me aftr broke up
so i am planing to act gf of one of my best friend in boys to act as my boy friend but we will not be in a relation so is this right what i am doing please help?


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  • First of all, if you love him so much, then why did you break up? Since he isn't talking to you anymore I'm guessing it was either his idea to break up, or you did it and he just cut his losses and moved on.

    Secondly, I think it's not only immature, but also untruthful to use a friend as a bait to make your ex jealous.

    If you broke up with him and you regret it, just say that to him and ask him to give you guys another chance and talk about where it went sideways. If he broke up with you and he isn't showing any signs of interest, you need to move on and forget about it. Maybe if he sees you going on with his life, he'll start to fear that he has lost you forever and try to regain your attention. But if he doesn't, it shows that he's no
    longer interested and you should need to move on.

    Don't play games, it's stupid and the chances of getting him back will go down and the chance of hurting yourself will go up.

    • thks for ur suggestion he broke up with the reason that his mom has doubt on him he tld me he will patch up wid me after 10thgrade but we dnt tlk nw and always busy making each other jealous

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