I still love my ex and he acts this way? Why?

My ex is the one who broke up with me and he still hugs me and kisses me.. there are times him and a i will be watching a movie at his house and he will run his fingers on my arm.. like he cnt be near me without touching me somehow.. one time I went out with a guy during lunch and he found out and said "have a nice date" i told him it wasn't a date and he said "it doesn't matter your free to do whatever you want" to me if it didn't bother him he wldnt even mention it. I've asked him about "us" but he says he's not ready right now and to stop asking him or I'm going to push him away. Someone tell me what is happening?


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  • Honestly, he seems rather selfish... I think it's more he "wants" you but he doesn't want you. By this I mean sexually he's still attracted to you possibly thinking naughtily while you guys are together. But, his statements as to you keep asking me an you're gonna push me away make me think he's trying to drag you along make you feel like you should just give him more time. I've been here, and this is what it was for me... in personal experience it never ends well. Hope this helps :)

    • Thank you for your advice.. but the reason why I continue is because I know I broke his heart he feels I cheated on him which I never did but I remember when he thought I did he cried so hard as if someone died and I have since than tried to gain his trust back. To me he's like testing the waters but is afraid to fall for me again only to get hurt. . he tried a whole year just to get with me and everybody who saw us said he was so in love with me that is why I continue to take things slow with the acceptance of him kissing me when he feels as I do the same

    • Well it's a little different if he feels you cheated.. I'd say your on the right track with backing off from asking him, on the same token when he starts to rub on you maybe you should tell him he's hurting you... tell him he can't be doin so because it just confuses you as to where he's standing. Maybe then either a) hell finally have some kind of opinion on where you stand or b) hell see you're being sincere an try to refrain from said activity until he's made up his mind.

    • I'm afraid of losing him so much.. i feel the fact he still kisses me shows me he still has feelings for me and honestly when we first broke up we wouldn't hang out at all just message each other but since we broke up we never fully left each other and from than and now he's now inviting me over to his house again.. like I see small steps I never thought I have back. However I wish I cld put my foot down as well and tell him like you said it's not right what he's doing but I'm afraid he's going to not even think of me after that and it'll be because "I" chose to tell him not to.. I'm thinking tho of slowly stepping back.. like let him miss me and maybe than he will start to see what he's missing out on. Ugh I love him so much :( sucks to be judged for something I never did

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  • The next time he touches or kisses you, you should call him out for it right then and there. Just ask about it and see what he says on the spot. Catching him off guard usually will give you an answer you are looking for. (:

    • What should I tell him? I feel like if he still hugs me and kisses me it reminds him of what we had but at the same time to me it seems like he's never going to be with me if I give him that

  • if he's your ex why do you watch movie with him? :/

    • Because we have a weird relationship. . we are "friends" as he wants it to be for now but we obviously can't be friends it's like we do everything but without a title.. to me he's afraid of getting hurt

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