Ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago 2 days later his best friend told a mutual friend he thinks my ex has someone else could it be true?

My ex and I have known each other for 20 years.. 9 years ago we had a brief relationship which lead to a pregnancy when our child was 9 months old we lost all contact with each other ( his choice) 2 years ago my ex come back and we reconciled and everything was great until he ended out under extreme stress with work and legal issues and his mate putting pressure on him to make more of a commitment to me as a result I got the speech " I don't want to hurt you but I don't want to commit to anything, can we stay close friends don't know what the future holds".
I told him it was up to him to show me he truly wants to stay friends and as a result he contacts me every couple of days just to check in as such we talk as thou nothing has changed ( we never talk about the relationship or about our child )
A couple days ago a mutual friend ( more like his mate that become friend with me during our relationship) was telling me that another best mate ( one that never liked me, but one that my ex would confide in) told this mutual friend that my ex wouldn't mind if I started dating someone else and that he thinks my ex has someone else) this conversation between his two mates apparently occurred 2 days after my ex broke it off with me.
I fully trust that there is not someone else but why would his close friend make such a comment?
Should I cut all ties with my ex with the exception of our child who he has little or no interest in?
Why keep me as a close friend and confide in me if your not in a relationship?
What are the chances we could reconcile if I stay close friends like he requested and is showing me he wants?
He does have a history of on again off again relationships with his now ex, ex partner.


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  • He's a deadbeat. I wouldn't put too much weight in this, or have any expectations of his behavior. If he wants to have a relationship with the child, so be it. But I'd otherwise cut ties with him as he seems to be dragging you through the mud and his up and down life. 9 years was apparently not enough time for him to grow up or feel any sense of responsibility to his own child. You think it's going to be enough time for him to be a "close friend"? No way.


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