Ex that dumped me starts contacting me and giving mixed signals and I break off friendship and now thinks am a jerk. Why?

My ex broke up with me because she just "woke up and was not in love". It's a long disntace. I in NYC she in florida.

She was suppose to come this new years and didn't. After breaking up with me she then started liking my statuses and texting, and messaging me. When I would not respond she would send question marks as to why.

So then we skyped, she was very very sexually suggestive and she even said she regretted not going. I was feeling much better prior to it and getting over her. The thought that she appeared that she likes me kinda made me like her again.

Long story short I asked her to return to visit and she said she hasn't changed. I told her to go fuck her self for sending me mixed signals. She said she didn't but it was clear she showed attraction. So now i told her i'm not her friend and she is mad at me now.

Like wtf! I'm gonna ignore her and I hate her guts for being so blind to her actions. What do you think? Why is she acting this way?

She lost the nice me and now she's gonna get the dick for breaking my heart. How will she react *her being someone who needs approval*


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  • She is the definition of selfish.


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  • Instead of being an immature dick. If you don't want anything to do with her. Tell her politely. Then don't have any contact. If she messages you ignore it. Eventually she will stop.


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