How do girls act when a nice guy they dumped starts acting like a jerk to then?

This girl dumped me because she just feel out of love (bs). I fucking hate her but still love her. But I don't respect her for being such a child and changing emotions from one day to the o ther. She sends me mixed signals and it seems like she wants me back and then i'll gain hope and then shut down. She would send me messages, and i wouldn't respond and then send me quesiton marks as to why. So now i'm telling her to leave me alone and I don't want to be her friend. Apperently she got mad at me because I didn't respond to her message.

How will she react? Why is she doing this knowing that I like her and that I'm trying to get over heR?


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  • At first I thought u were being a jerk to her just because she didn't want to be with you anymore. If thats the case I was gonna side with her as in, sure getting dumped is not a great feeling but thats her choice, & you have to move on. But reading the rest where you mention she is playing with your emotions that is wrong on so many levels. You're not being a jerk if u ignore her. She's being really inconsiderate & she does not seem to know exactly what she wants. Maybe she wants to have her cake & eat it too.

    • tht is exactly what i was thinking. Hell no no cake for her ass! And the beauty is that she says she doesn't realize she's giving hte mixed signals. That set me off and told her if that's the case i rather not deal with girls like you. I avoid them. She got mad when i said that but it's the truth. If you can't tell when your sending mixed signals then your not too self aware.

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  • You should just carry on with your life man, being dumped sucks but looking like a bitch is worse.


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  • Maybe she just doesn't know what she wants, not just with relationships but for herself. Dont be a jerk to her though because that isn't a good road to go down, trust me. A guy i broke up with still liked me and i just wanted to distance myself and for a whole year he made terrible rumors up about me and caused such a horrible mess. It hurt yeah. Just put it at peace and it will quiet down after a while. :)

    • i never do that. I'm just ignoring her and asking her to leave me alone if she contacts me. It's only fair. I want space to let go of her, ya know? I hope she understands that if i ignore her because i was fine until she would contact me

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    • damn some guys deal with pain differently. I was real nice to her in the beginning. The thing that set me off is the mixed signals. So I see how that is what you call an ASSHOLE. What a horrible person for that smh

    • Yeah haha. And i understand why you are confused but sometimes if you sit back let things work themselves out, everything will be clear. Think of it this way:

      If she's not all in for you, than someone else will be.

      You deserve better:)

  • You are not a nice guy. You sound like an asshole.

    I would just leave you alone and find a better guy. She dumped you so forget her. She will get over you aswell.

    • When someone breaks ur heart and you feel like you thought they loved you and they keep sending mixed signals and it's causing more pain then you can t alk to me about being an asshole.

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    • how would yo ufeel if you were in her position and i blocked you? B

    • First I would be shocked. Then think you are an asshole. Then just brush it off and forget you completely.

  • She ain't got no one else to screw so she goes back to you. She'll regret it eventually. Been in her position and i would trade anything to get back with the guy i was being a bitch to. But she gotta learn it the hard way, just like i did. I think you should just leave her. Dont reply to her text or calls.

    • what's weird is that she's a very beaituful girl. I don't know about how easy it is to get a man but for a girl living in a surburban area how easy is it to find a guy?

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    • Its bc she's beautiful. She knows she can get everything she wants. And I don't know about finding a guy in suburb area bc i live in the city.

    • When he told me he has moved on. It hits me straight away. We've been going like that for 4yrs by the way.

  • Because she doesn't care?


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