How do I keep my ex interested without looking at other guys?

I just recently broke up with my girlfriend. It was a mutual and reasonable breakup although we still have feelings for each other that won't dissapear any time soon. I would like to know if there are any ways I can keep her interested and not have to be concerned of her other options if guys try hitting on her/talking to her. I'm not worried about her doing this ask so soon and easily but I'd rather know she is still interested in a future relationship again. She says she wants to remain friends keep contact and maybe in the future see if things could work. But I don't want to see her snatched up because of our unfortunate circumstance. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  • Normally when your the one that breaks up with her than there was obviously something wrong with your relationship and if you are trying to keep her interested romantically then maybe you shouldn't have broken up with her in the first place.

    • It was a mutual breakup she suggested it was a good idea and I agreed. The problem was I had a lot issues going on that affected out relationship and so it was best to part ways for now. But I was just curious if there were ways to keep her interested so she doesn't go off with someone else in the meantime as I'm trying to sort out my issues

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