She's not ready to be a relationship right now but part of her heart will always have me?

I was in a relationship with this girl for almost 2 months. We had chemistry & we got along very well. We both really love each other very much. This is the first girl i really loved & cared so much & wanna settle down with in the future.

This girl is 5 years older than me. Just gone through a breakup with her fiance & currently needs to go back to Australia to work.

Everything was good until last month when she started ignoring & avoiding to meet me. It get even worst day by day.

We did a phone call & we talked about:
- her going back
- long distance
- her breakup
- her pressure from parents to settle down
- our future

After this phone call, we still met up a few times during but whenever i wanna discuss what's going on.. she'll just avoid & change the topic. She stop sending me text & she said ''im very important to her''. Along the way, i didn't stop texting her. We did exchange text from time to time... but most of the time, she'll just cut me off.

After a month, I just got frustrated & i wrote her a long blog to voice out my feelings. Then she said:

she's in a current situation where she had a lot of pressure from herparents & doubts iherself. She just don't wanna be in a relationship right now because it stresses her. She said that maybe being friends might help.

She told me she can't accept us together & we parted ways. The last thing she said was: she'll always ask god to keep me safe & happy..& there will be a part of her heart for me.

After a month of breakup, we didn't contacted each other anymore... i still had feelings for her because i love her very much. I feel like giving her time while moving on along the way.

Do i tell her that i'll give her time & wait for her, or.. i just move on without letting her know & let time tell?

What's the difference?


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  • Well that depends on what you want to do, for me (I'm one of those romantic types who don't give up) I would wait and probably try and talk to her, maybe tell her that if she needs someone to talk to I'm there. Probably do sweet things for her and such.

    The difference is that one is trying to moving on while the other is not and waiting for her even though there's no 100% chance that you will get together.

    Its depends on you, do you want to wait for her or do you want to try and see if it will work with someone else?

    • I had try talking to her. It doesn't work. She'll just ignore & cut me off. I tried doing sweet things to her & she didn't responded well.

      I would love to wait for her.. but i not sure whether to tell her that or not. Or just don't do anything at all & let things happen if they're meant to b

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  • Wow, tough call. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that you need to give her more room. She only broke up with her fiancee six months ago. If she was engaged, then it was pretty serious. You were only in a relationship with her for 2 months. It sounds like you got serious way too fast for her when she just wasn't ready. So it sounds like you came on too strong and too fast when she probably wasn't even over the last relationship.

    There may be other things going also, but there is no way of knowing what that is. You mentioned that she was under a lot of pressure. With the last breakup, the pressure she is under from her parents, and you coming on so strong and fast, it was probably just too much for her to deal with.

    I don't know what to recommend because I really don't know the answer. My "guess" is that you should move on. But that's only a guess judging by what you've said.

    • I think i came in way too fast & strong.

      The reason i did that was because i thought she needed more support & care. Besides that, she's going back to Australia & there was less time too. She's happy & fine when we hangout.. but if she's alone & not with me, she'll think negatively all the time. She always had bad dreams of us can't being together as well.

      I guess i did too much that i scared her off.

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  • I wonder if she likes spending time with you but doesn't want to settle down with you? If this is the case, waiting for her isn't going to help. You're going to have to prove you're someone you're not yet. If you're going to do that, you're going to have to push yourself hard in certain directions.


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