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After being dumped (on a break) with no real answers my heart and mind are in battle everyday. We have talked and text since and sometimes its good and sometimes bad. The last time he yelled at me which he had never done before. He did call and apologize the next day, yet it didn't make me feel any better. And recently he text me to say I was on his mind when he woke up. I gave a very small reply and simply said thanks for thinking of me. I have yet to hear from him and I cry almost everyday because I miss him and really love him. I'm scared to reach out to him in fear he won't reply or he'll think that I'm a weak easy minded person. I want to reach out to him though. He knows I love him and that he hurt me. What can I possibly say? Should I just let it be? This hurts, how does one move on and pretend to not care?


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  • What's his reason for going on a break? Also. Just because he said that doesn't mean you are dumped.

    I would just be true to the way I feel. If you both miss each other it's a silly situation to be in. You have to work on your differences and the key reason you end up fighting.. Why is your relationship failing?

    If you both miss each other then you should be able to work together at the same goal. Relationships are never easy and require lots of work and communication, but the will to succeed has to be there first!

    • He didn't give me. a reason for the break. He said I didn't do anything yet later he said he was feeling different. (I assumed another female came into tje pictures) Itssems he moves further away if I mention my feelings at all. Iguess I care and hurt he doesn't.

    • If you continue approaching him and he's turning you away and hurting you then there is something wrong with him. I would avoid him for the sake of getting further hurt yourself.

      You can only try your best and be open with him. Its VERY mean of him to get angry at you or to treat you differently if you are upset, or telling him how you feel. I doubt you would want these qualities from a boyfriend anyway?

      He hasn't given you a reason, so thats another reason to stay away, who knows what he is thinking? Oh and to say he's thinking of you when he has already told you he wants a break and won't let you talk about how you feel.. thats just awful. I would say to him I don't want to talk to you any more because you are hurting me. Let me know if you have changed your mind, but I have to move on because you are hurting me.

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