What can me and my boyfriend do about it?

Okay so i am moving to California to leave over there, and he will stay here in Milwaukee. we really love each other but we dont want to break up. Can we come and visit each other?


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  • It's unreasonable; if Sean wants to stay with u, he is going to have to accept your "flirty " relationship with Dylan, and the fact u had sex before.

    Most guys will be eventually able to get over a sexual relationship with a current male friend in my opinion.

    However, he (as well as most guys) aren't going to tolerate his girlfriend, having a "flirty" relationship with ANY guy, especially one she's fucked.


    You need to grow the fuck up, and not have "flirty" relationships with guys, out of respect of your relationship and your man's feelings.

    Otherwise, you will never keep a guy, AND you'll have a "dirty slut" reputation that will follow you. I also must add this label, once imprinted, is very hard to shake off with the male population.


    Change starts today.

    Cut out that flirtatious nonsense with Dylan, and every other guy u do the same with!

    • With the first sentence I wrote, although sounding contradictory, means this:

      If u keep the status quo, and maintain a "flirty" relationship with Dylan... he will be forced to either accept the way thinga are, or walk away.

      It's Looking like he will walk away and end the relationship.

    • I think you commented on the wrong question, lol

    • Yes he did answer the wrong Question lmfao

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  • Listen, my girlfriend and I have been together for over a year now, and 8 months of that has been long distance.

    At times, it sucks. I live in China (American, though) and she lives in Indiana. The time difference is somewhere around 16 hrs! It takes a really strong relationship to be able to keep it strong with that much distance between you.

    I, honestly, dont think that distance should be an excuse to break up. However, you do need to ask yourself if you can trust him in a long-distance relationship. Have you ever noticed him checking out other girls while you are with him? Does he have secret female friends? If he does anything like that, it isn't a good sign.

    I hope that I have helped in some way, if there is anything else you want to ask, you can PM me

    • also, you should try to set Skype dates and stuff and try as hard as you can to keep them.

      And you should be able to visit each other. Flights inside of America aren't super expensive.

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