When your ex wants to know why you deleted him from facebook?

He broke up with me 4 moths ago, and he texted me yesterday to know why I deleted him from Facebook and why I keep acting like "nothing ever happened" when I see him. Isn't it what I'm supposed to do? What answer does he expect to that? He was the one breaking up with me, shouldn't he be happy with my behaviour?
I don't get it


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  • If he's bringing that up, he's probably not over things. You're doing things fine though


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  • Are you guys still friends?

    • kind of? He wished me happy birthday, I wished him Merry Christmas and we go to the same parish so we sometimes have little talks (that has been occurring lately, I couldn't really talk to him the first two months it was too hard).

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    • oh wait you meant if are friends on facebook? No we are not. I deleted him, for the reasons you say. And the break up is not causing me much pain anymore, that was in the first two months.

    • Nice, yeah. Sounds like you did what you needed to do.

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