When a guy says a girl messes with his head after a break up? what does that mean?

He made a comment saying that "girls" which I know means me, always fucks with his head... how did i fuck with his head and what does that mean?


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  • 1) He might be perceiving signals you want him back he knows you probably don't.
    2) If you're still finding ways of staying in his life but he's not over you yet, he can feel like you're messing with him making it impossible for him to get over you.
    3) Maybe he feels you misled him in your relationship, he thought things were going really well and you broke up with him and he didn't see it coming.
    4) Or maybe you're behaving differently after the break up than the girl he knew and it's messing with him because he didn't think you were like that.


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  • Either he feels a lack of closure or honestly believed nothing was wrong with the relationship. Regardless he's just fuming publicly to get your attention.

  • Not enough info to know.


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