Were you ever afraid to fall out of love?

I was in a relationship where I really loved my guy. Even though he did me wrong multiple times, I still couldn't imagine life without him.
After months of being hurt, I finally broke up with him and prayed that my love for him would vanish. Its been a few weeks and I feel like my feelings are washing away. I am happy but scared. Happy because this is what I wanted but scared because a part of me isn't ready to stop loving him. I guess a part of me still wants to believe he'll change and do right. I know I need to just move on, which is what I'm doing but I guess im not ready at the sametime.
Has anyone else ever been through this? What did you do?


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  • He won't change. People generally don't change whether they are male or female.

    It is hard to fall out of love. But at least you were the one who broke it off. I have been trying to fall out of love with someone who broke it off with me. I to pray that my love for her will vanish. So far no luck. If she were to call me back I would go back in an instant. I am not sure why, but I can't get over her.

    • Im glad this is coming from someone who is over the age of 35. I used to think that the older you get, the easier failing in and out of love gets. I guess it doesn't matter.
      I dont know if this is just an excuse but I feel like I dont wanns let go cause Im waiting for him to show he cares. I wonder, if he really loved me, why not prove it? Why just let me walk away?

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    • I hear you!! I am not sure why I think the 4th time would be any different. But my heart is still hers, I have not been able to move on. I have not found anyone like her in any woman. It pains me to be without her.

      But, I have to figure it out and move on at some point I suppose.

    • Thats true.

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  • I've fallen out of love before my ex had changed and not in a good way. I tried to change him back I really just wanted to help him but I understand you can't change a person. It's best to just let things be and leave them as they are. It was hard for me to move on cause he was my first love. It took me a while to realize that I deserved better. He started drinking and never stopped I couldn't sleep at night or anything. I've lost feelings for mine and everything plus he doesn't know what he wants and I can't tell him what he wants. So I'm just focusing on my studies I'm not trying to look for a relationship until I finish high school. I got over mine it just takes time.


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  • Yes. Long ago. You trust your mind and not your heart in this situation. Listening to my mind and letter her go lead me to the greatest love of my life.

    • Aawww, thats sweet. I hope I find my love.

  • Love of self is more important than loving someone else.

    • Sooooo true. And it feels a lot better not to be stressing and hurting.

  • The pain of separation matures everyone. I would know. Let your life take it's course, and grow way more mature than he could ever be.

  • lol no. Scared to be bored maybe.

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