My ex (dumper) called asking me (dumpee) to get my stuff during MY NO CONTACT! HELP?

Me and my ex have been in a pretty negative space lately, and things were very hot and cold with us. Well it was mostly him. I was basically the stage 5 clinger that tried ever so desperately to make things work, but nothing was working. SO, I started no contact to get my shit together, because I was not proud of the desperate individual I made myself out to be and he was only making me miserable although we used to be very very happy.

Anyways, today is day 28 of no contact (Est. 12/15/2014), and ever since I basically cut him off explaining my feelings via text, (simply cause I had no way to do it in person) I have never heard from him. We go to college together, and I hadn't seen nor heard from him since we came back from Winter break. Until today. Today was also the first day of classes.

He called me first. I didn't answer due to shear shock and panic. 5 minutes later he texted me saying "You still have a lot of your clothes in my room you may want to come get."

First off, I know for a fact I don't have much there except maybe a couple of "just-in-case" panties and possible leggings and t-shirt. Nothing worth a damn. I didn't reply to his text quite yet cause I don't understand if he is just using this as a plot to just see me?

Or maybe he is serious and really wants nothing to do with me. Either way I don't know how to handle the situation. A part of me wants to go there and get my stuff back, just to prove I'm not some clingy/desperate individual. I wanna be there in and out, looking nice (but not try-hard nice) and in upbeat spirits, but not wanting to drag in a convo. Is this a bad idea? I just want him to see me for who I really am, and see I have freed myself from a terrible habit.

I deep down want a second chance with him, but only if he changes his flaws too. Time away has really brought back the old me, that I was when we first met and I'm so grateful, I just want him to see that.


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  • Go pick up your stuff.


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