Can someone please help me get my ex/ bd back?

I want him back but I'm scared of getting rejected lol..

We got a baby on the way and we're still cool but I don't know if he's talking to anyone so I'm scared of getting shot down

I broke up with him back in July without really giving him any reason.. so it's my fault and I was wrong but now I'm realizing how much I miss him.. just don't know what to say. Any help is appreciated!


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  • Eh he's gonna pay child support anyway. Just gotta try.


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  • The only thing you can do is confess your feelings to him and answer any questions he may have honestly. If he shoots you down he shoots you down, you did the letting go back in July. We can't cut people loose and not expect them to move on at some point.


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  • Ask him of he'd be willing to work on communication with you since you're expecting & emotionally his absence is hitting harder than you expected it to.
    Don't trick him & be honest with him.
    Why did you choose to leave him behind?

    • He's not absent or anything he's still around and I see him all the time, we're just not together..

      We kinda rushed into the relationship and it was just bad timing, I actually broke up with him before we even knew I was pregnant but once we found out we remained friends.. but recently I've began missing him so that's how I've ended in this situation

  • This poor baby. Parents are drama filled kids.

    • Clearly I said we're still cool so there's no drama involved

  • Talk to. him ask him what are his plans when the baby arrives maybe he'll give u the answer your want


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