Is my assmption correct?

My heart was broken a month ago when my ex called a break for no reason. I have been having a hard time dealing with it.
We have had small phone conversations and text here and there. I couldn't take it anymore and text him that I knew he didn't feel the same about me anymore and that I know he's moving on. I told him I'm trying but its hard for me because I truly love him, and I was sorry for pushing him, but he will always be special to me.
He responded saying I would always be special to him and not to be sorry for anything and that he would see me soon. He never confirmed or denied he was moving on or that he no longer had feelings for me. He skipped all over that. He told me that he wasn't seeing anyone else, I find it hard to believe because of the way he broke things off, no warning. And just two days ago he said he woke with me on his mind and that he missed me today.
Is he gone for good? Is it someone else and I have become a back up plan? Can I ever turn the tables on this?


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  • I would give him space and get busy doing something that re-builds your confidence factor. Remember ALL OF THIS is temporary.


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  • There's sonething there for you. Hooefully he'll tell you one day soon. You'll need to give him that space I feel. He'll either open up his true feelings/emotions or he may not. Best to refrain from contacting him I would suggest.

  • "We have had small phone conversations and text here and there"

    Mistake #1, he's an ex. Move on.


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