is my ex boyfriend trying to rekindle the flame?

Okay I'm kind of confused here. I've been messing with this guy on and off for almost 2 Years now. We be hot and cold with each other, but we been apart for almost a year, but HE has always been the one to keep contact with me. He'll text me when we're not on speaking terms and then we'll have a disagreement and stop talking again, but now he has reached out to me and constantly texts and calls me everyday now. He even calls every night before he goes to bed and we always talk on the phone until he goes to sleep on it. At first through our relationship, he never wanted me to know where his mom or him lives and now, he has let me know all of that and we've been meeting at his mom's. He has never ate my cooking and now he's been having me bake for him all the time. He's lately been throwing hints that his mom asked to meet me and also, he says things about us getting married, but I don't know if he's playing or for real. Last night I met up with him and he kissed me on my cheek and he is real Flirty and touchy with me. He also has asked me a quite of few times if I want to go out to breakfast one day or do I want to go shoot pool with him or do I want to go to Mississippi with him on his birthday. (That's Where all his family lives) I'm just confused as to why he's back and what's up with all these new and different things he's throwing out there now? Is he trying to rekindle the flame or what? Someone please try and help me understand this Man better.
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  • Hey :)

    If I were a Magic 8 Ball I would probably say: "All signs point to yes!"

    There are a couple of things I think you need to consider:

    1) Are things different from the last time you two were a couple? Are some of the same issues presenting themselves again, or do you have a sense that he has matured and developed some perspective on the importance of a relationship with you in relation to his life and the quality there of;

    2) It sounds like you haven't been able to formulate any kind of an impression on what's going on and are just basically playing it by ear. I think and feel that if you want to have a relationship with this guy you need to have, "the talk".

    If he's in with both feet, your golden, if only the other hand he turns tail and runs, well, your golden!

    The point is, you need to move on with your life rather than living in suspended animation. The outcome, either way will allow you to do that.

    Good luck!


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