Why another relationship?

A while ago a friend who i have know all my live found out his wife has cheated on him and also was divorcing him so we talked a lot and suddenly it became more of falling for each other and being really passionately and always talking and kissing and the whole thing. We did not sleep together. So a month ago we started fighting after 3 months of being absolute bliss. I always knew there is 100% chance of being the rebound girl but we talked very openly and cried together a lot. He has kids I have kids but we all fit in so well together. And the he became distant and after the fight blocked me completely out of his life. I still see the kids as i have known them so long and we are all so close and everything. But in the month we didn't talk he actually started seeing another girl. So yeah i may have been the rebound but what is she then. Also the girl and me talk a lot and she strings up guys and all "befriend" them so they do all things for he and when anyone comes to close she will run away. She openly admits this. So i asked her about him and she said he is only a friend and they hang out but that is it. So here he is being hurt by his ex and then by me and entering to get hurt again. I love him to bits with our history of knowing him all my life and if i didn't make him happy it is fine but he is heading into getting hurt real bad and am i going to be his rebound girl again after that and how can i avoid him getting hurt without looking like a stupid crazy ex.
Thank you guys. Im actually just gonna let it go on as it should. The stupid quote of set it free and if it comes back and bla bla bla... but gonna talk to her still and see how things go on. I rather not get involved more but she keeps talking to me so i will play my part and hopefully will be the one in the end with a happy ending. Any other advice?


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  • What you can do is talking to him, saying that this girl told you this and make it clear that you don't want him to get hurt again. Be honest. We don't know if he'll like it, but at least you'll have done what you could.

  • there is nothing you can do. He is going to have to learn this one on his own. Anything you do will make him think you are the "stupid crazy ex."


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