Has anyone ever had the sweet revenge of having an ex who dumped you attempt at reconnecting once more?

It is a funny thing. That one guy that acted like he didn't care for you. Who totally left your life over the phone. Saddening thing is at the time I thought it was worse thing in the world being dumped by him.

As time goes on. Life without them becomes bearable and then you date again and. form. New attachments. As your in a ok. relationship. Bang he comes out of the woodwork.

When he did was very difficult. I was filled. with regret that I asked him not to end it when he did. As now he saw himself as entitled to walk right back. in my life.

I did enjoy declining a meal, an not giving phone number. It was like I was dumped then nearly two years later I got to rejecr him after all. pain he caused. I love karma
haha. Some people dont realise what they have until. its. gone.

He also got. into rebound rrelationship straight away when he ended it. So any of. you had the pleasure of. Moment like this?


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  • Once I break up with someone. .. that's it.
    They have their life and I have mine.
    Revenge (although good on paper) just irritates the scar in my opinion

    • I mean in terms of an ex trying to re-enter after him being one to walk out my life. Like it made me realise he did me a big favour back then. Bit of karma for me as it was an awful relationship

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    • Great choice. Do you think they really just wanted friendship

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  • Last night, Conan told us that a woman in China cut off her mans dick after finding out he cheated, then when it was sown back on, she went and cut it off again. Two wangs, don't make a right

    • That's an extreme situation. I was not cheated on, my question refers to karma of having a guy regretting ending it!

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    • Why wouldn't you end it with a cheater... they cheated. You should no longer trust them

    • I didn't say me I said the cheater may want best of both. I've not been cheated on. Youve took this out of context lol

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  • I told a guy I loved him but I had to leave because I've found out something that I didn't like. And he let me go so I never looked back after that. But he contacted me more than 3 times, asking me to go back. Honestly it made me feel awful because I felt like we had a bond and I still loved him, but not more than a friend. And I hated that I was hurting him by rejecting him, no matter what he did to me.

    • Yeah I am ngl I have a heart and do care for my ex but he left me an I did love him. He broke my heart 2yrs ago an when he came back I realised I no longer feel that way. He seemed sorry and like he changed but guys shouldn't expect to re-appear an get back together. Time changes things sadly

  • That does sound sweet though honestly... Or maybe I'm just saying that over the bitterness of a broken heart


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