What did I do wrong? Why is he acting like he doesn't care?

I had been dating this guy for a few months now, recently divorced for about a year now. Things started great we were friends, starting talking all day everyday nonstop. We got closer to the point he couldn't go a day without saying I love you. We had hung out before but never to this extent. Since I moved to fl and he lives in Az. So to really try to see if things work. I planned a romantic vacation to see him and really spend time together since we had gotten so close. I planned this trip for months and it seemed like all obstacles got in my way. Anyway, due to the complications I made the choice to drive the 1,600 mi to see him. I packed and drove to be with him. When I got there everything was perfect. We met and it seemed like the first time we had ever seen each other. We went to the movies, got a room and had sex that night woke up the next morning and went at it again. We visited several tour sights I had not seen before. Nervous about our relationship going the next level I asked would he like to see me again and he expressed that he would numerous times. In fact it was he who kept repeating "why are you acting like you aren't coming back? Let's do this or that next time." I had to shorten my trip one day and he was highly upset and begged me to stay longer. Why watching the plays off with our favorite team he expressed he hasn't been this happy in awhile. My last night he took me to the mountain top and I saw the skyline view. It was perfect. The next day I packed we said our I love yous and pre planned for my next visit and I left. When I got home I called him and he proceeded to tell me that he didn't want to be with me, he was still in love with his ex wife, and that he was fine until I left then everything including the pain came back. He denied ever loving me, that it was all in my head he would never be with me and he hung up in my face. Its only been 2days and he's flirting with other chicks like nothing happened. I'm confused what did I do wrong?
Thanks y'all I appreciate it.


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  • Gave him what he wanted. Seriously dont think u did anythin wrong. Nice people can do nasty things when there is an ex involved.


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  • Wow that's why you never do things out of your way it's always meeting half ways what a asshole


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