My Boyfriend Lives With His Ex GF?

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship ship, I'm going to NYU next year (he lives in NY) and we plan to move in with each other at that time.
He's super sweet, we were friends for 3 or 4 months before we started dating, and when we started dating it felt like we were made for each other, we like all the same foods, music, movies, and everything else; we have very similar life plans.
But he still lives with his ex; I trust him a lot, I know I do, but I still have a horrible feeling in my gut like I'm being too trusting. His ex and I have talked in the past, she told me we were perfect for each other and a lot of other sweet things, but this has gone from a very small problem in the back of my head, to something that is gnawing away at me; I want to be with him, and have this work because I do believe this is perfect, and we were meant to be together.
But I think I need some help trusting him and his decisions a bit more, any advice on how to do that?
I forgot to add — his ex does have a new partner, he's over regularly, my boyfriend and I Skype for 20+ hours at a time, and we sleep together every night.
I understand how girls are, but I don't feel like they're being shady; I just feel like this is out of my comfort zone and I just need something to take my mind off of it.


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  • Nope
    big nope to all this.
    It sounds sooo shady.
    I'd be very careful o_O


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  • Oh hell no... i stay away from these situations because they always end up getting back together, i went on some dates with a guy and i was at his and well... turned out he wanted to just mess around, but he was still living with his wife who he had not yet divoced but has broke up with, i found the who situation really weird too... i mean at first i didn't know he was because he said he was single but the first time i was hanging at his house he mentioned he broke up with his wife then he said he lives with another girl but she is korean and that they were just room mates.

    The 2nd i went over she came back early and then when i was leaving guess what? she didn't sound korean at all and she had an English accent lol and for some reason she was asking him where he was going (busted lol), at that point he told several lies so the sitatuon just got more weirder and weirder and i was starting to think maybe his wife just let him sleep with other girls where she was away at work and loves listening to what we may be doing when she came back early lol. It was so weird and i just didn't trust the situation whatsoever. Don't trust it ether because for all you know he could be lying just to get some booty because she's letting him have sexual relationships with other girls :\, i agree with everyone TOO SHADY! LOL.


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  • Shady. SO shady. Do not trust that situation, girl! You gotta be realistic about the fact that it is unrealistic for two ex’s, two people who shared each other’s lives, bodies, passions, and futures with each other, to miraculously be friends after romantically departing and not even having space away from each other to let the chemical/physical/mental connection subside. It doesn’t matter how sweet he is and how much you trust him: females these days are shady, grimy, tactless, and self-absorbed. All it takes is one minute of temptation, one minute of abandoned discipline, maybe some alcohol, a bit of charm, and nostalgia to persuade him to do something disgusting and dishonorable with her.

    He does not need to be living with someone he used to f*ck on a regular basis. Point blank period. I would never get involved with a guy like that and tell him, “You can get back to me when your ex isn’t sharing your roof.” The situation seems like asking for trouble. I can’t advise you on how to deal with it because to be totally honest, there’s no way in hell I would ever.

  • wel since his ex gf has a new partner i feel you shoudlnt have too much to worry about its just when she breaks up with him thats when you should be worried i wouldn't trust it thats how i just got played he wias living with an ex and now they are engaged im mad as hell, so i wouldn't trust it guys fool you


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