What should I do? should I unblock him too?

so, I and my ex broke up on the phone because we are in LDR. He asked me to forget him and so he blocked me on Twitter and LINE. as he wished, I also blocked him too on both account (twitter and LINE). now it has been a month, and I look at my LINE, he UNBLOCKED me. what does it mean? do you think he miss me? and should I unblock him too and open my chat room with him again?


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  • I think he either misses you or is just ready to be coexistent or cordial with you. I wouldn't over think it, that'll get you all caught up again.

    • so, I have to keep to block his account?

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    • ok thanks, I've already unblocked him too and I won't think too much about this, because I lost interested to him even sometimes I remember him lol

    • Well thats good that you're moving on.

  • he misses you if he unblocked you


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