Did he ever care about me very much/miss me?

1) My ex and I are teens and we dated for four months and he broke it off about a week before school started.
2) He seemed very into me until only about a week before the breakup, when he still texted me ALL THE TIME (even up to MINUTES before the breakup!) but wasn't as physically affectionate and didn't hang out with me as much, even though I was recovering from surgery (so maybe he just felt bad for me?).
3) He said he wasn't ready for a relationship. I texted him several times after he did it asking why and he just kept repeating that.
4) He told me we could still be friends, and I said I couldn’t for a while because I didn’t know if I could trust him. He texted the last text, saying he understood and was sorry.
5) I don't know if he broke up with me because he wasn’t ready, or because he lost feelings for me/got bored of me, or because he allows one of his parents to control almost EVERYTHING HE DOES and they acted like they didn't want him dating (also could explain why he didn’t hang out with me as much).
6) We never texted each other again. Maybe he didn’t text because he didn’t miss me, or maybe because he’s VERY passive and assumed I’d get upset if I heard from him?
7) Even though I’m hobbling around on crutches at school, for the first couple months when he sees me, he either avoids me like the plague or politely lets me pass through.
8) About three months ago our mutual friends were planning a group outing and apparently he thought he was coming along until I asked them to make sure he wouldn’t come.
9) About a month ago, we met at an intersection and he let me pass even though he had the right of way (but he might not have known it was me because it was fairly dark?)
10) This past month, when we see each other he doesn’t politely let me pass through like he used to; he just acts like I don’t exist.
11) According to my limited knowledge, he isn’t with anyone else.
Did he ever care about me very much/miss me?
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By the way he is NOT a player I was his first gf
Can more people please vote? Thank you!


Most Helpful Guy

  • As you said in your question, he did, he doesn't anymore whatever the reason. Something happened, this is clear. What? He's the only one able to say it.

    • Do you think that he stopped liking me before he broke up with me or after (I only ask because it seems probable his parents made him do it)?

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    • ^So he just moved on?

    • Maybe he did or maybe he's avoiding because he didn't and cannot stay with you. We just can't be sure about any of the two options.

Most Helpful Girl

  • 4 months, your time was up. He's onto the next gullible idiot as I type this


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  • Well your mutual friend probably told him you asked for him not to come on the group outing and now he doesn't like you.


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