To text... or not to text... that is the question?

My ex is so confusing. We broke up 4 months ago and he didn't even care. He constantly posted pictures of him and some girl he was talking to on fb but never did that with me. I decided to completely move on and delete him from everything including my contacts. That same day he text me angrily complaining about it. Two weeks ago he told me that he thought things were serious with that other girl but weren't and that he still loves me (HE TRIED MAKING ME THE REBOUND). He asked if I loved him and I said no, what we had he decided to give to her and I no longer loved him. He hasn't talked to me since. Not that I want him to but why would he get mad in the first place? Was what I said really that bad?


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  • I think he has this need for attention where he thinks girls all love him. So when he sees you deleting him (and thus, not loving him) he gets a little rattled and tries to get your love back. But its good that you ignored because once you give it to him, he'd probably lose interest again. Reminds me of some girls, honestly


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  • Does it really matter if you don't care about him?

    • No not really I just wonder about it sometimes. I don't care now, but I did at one point... I mean it's not like I hate the guy either.

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