Was I right for dumping her for sleeping with my friends in the past?

So, I've been seeing this girl for a while. She confessed to me a secret that was a dealbreaker. She said, "Before I met you I had sex with a group of friends. None of them have any idea :)" She meets my friends. All of my friends (5 guys) have had sex with her. She found out they knew and they laughed at her about it. She confessed to me that she f**ked all of my friends but she really liked me. Unfortunately, it weirded me out and I told her I couldn't see her anymore. Would you do this if you weirded out?


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  • For me it wouldn't be a dealbreaker at least

    • The fact that she's been with my friends is just weird to me.

    • That's acceptable. I wouldn't say what you did was the wrong move, as it's different from person to person. I just said personally it wouldn't be a dealbreaker

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  • she told you the truth remember, no one will say.


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