The bad breakup breakdown after 3 months?

I'm pretty sure we've all had our good share of breakups and know the stages and emotions that go with them. My breakup was 3 months ago and it wasn't a very nice one. The guy broke up in a text after a fight and stopped responding to me. I eventually stopped texting and it's been a month since no contact. I've been doing so well and felt that I am over him and all is well but the past couple of days I've got this urge to text him. I even cried just as if the breakup had just happened!!!

Anyway my question is, does this happen to you after a breakup? A semi-meltdown after a couple of months after the breakup? Why do you think it happens and what do you do when it happens?


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  • This happened to me a few times, and it's not because you're not over the person it's just because there will always be things that reminds you of that person. When people break up it is not just a romantic interest that is lost, but also a friendship. You lose a person you trusted and did everything with, the two of you created memories that can never be replaced. So in my opinion it is really normal to sometimes meltdown even if months had passed. It's even normal to want to text him now and then, even just to find out how he is doing, because well he was apart of your world for a long time, and it does not matter how much we try to deny it, but if you once loved someone, a part of you will always care about that person.

    Now, when you have these meltdowns and urges to text him, don't. Remember you broke up for a reason, and even if the reason at times seem vague, there is still a reason. If you text him, chances are he won't even respond, or he'll just laugh at you and think you're desperate and still not over him. Don't give him the satisfaction. He did not even have the respect to deal with his shit and break up with you like a real man should, doing it via text is a coward move.


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  • No it didn't happen to me, I had virtually moved on by then.

    It happens because you haven't completely accepted that it's over and you haven't completely moved on but you know pal? That's alright, we're all different and there is no time limit.

    Cry as much as you like, exercise those tear ducts and keep on moving forward in life, it gets easier.

    • The wise owl speaks again :P

      I think I haven't moved on because there was no solid reason for the breakup and he was such an ass about it. I think I hurt from that more than the fact that we're not together.

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    • Is it weird that when I read your replys I imagine the turtle from Kung Fu Panda saying them?

    • Hahaha that's made my morning. :')

  • Did you recently hear a sad song?


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  • Yeah, when you aren't completely over that person you continue to remember those wonderful memories that you guys had together. Asking yourself, "why did it end this way?" You never know, maybe it was for the best. It's one of the hurtful things to experience in life, that we all have to deal with at some point & time. Yes, you will have multiple meltdowns & there is nothin' you can do about it. The main reason why it happens is cuz you love that person much you don't want to lose them, so those tears begin to drop all at once & each one reminds you of the pain so you start to cry some more & you can control urself at this point.


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