I love her too much and wait till my last breath.Will she come back in my life?

Hi friends,
I saw a girl when I was 16 and found her too cute and I wished if I can spend rest of my life with her. But I knew that it was impossible because there were no chances that we will even talk to each.

Coincidentally we met when I was 22. That was totally coincident, I never ran behind her not even behind any girl.

After that we were friends for next 20 months. In those periods I proposed her and she told I don't have any feeling for you (she told this because earlier she had a break up with a guy after that she had not had any trust on love) but you are very nice guy so I would like to spend my life with you.

That time we were doing our bachelor course and decided that we will talk to our parents regarding this once we will get a good job. Those days we were living very happy with each other and she was also very happy with me and she always used to tell me that I have never seen a guy like that (I don't have smoking/drinking habit also I don't have any girl in my life, I am intelligent in study).

When our graduation completed, next day itself she told that this relationship don't have any future now we should stop here and after that she stopped talking/texting to me.

First one year I was totally disturbed, I attempted for suicide I send her so many mails (she changed her number, she blocked me on FB).

Now it became 3 years since then but still I have same feeling and pain in my heart. I belong to a very good and reputed family. I have decided that I will not marry anyone other than her.

My problem is that sometimes she comes in my dreams and also sometimes I miss her too much and cry and feel too much pain in my heart, that time I feel like to commit suicide.

I don't know whether she will come back in my life or not but it is my believe that she will sure come back and I am waiting for her eagerly.

Please help me but don't tell to forget her, I can't and also don't want to do so.
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  • this feels like a movie! but this is real life. real life has no happy ending. welcome to reality!


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  • i won't say forget her.. it is imposible.. i am 30 years old and i still remember that i liked a girl when i was 9 years old.. but i advice you to move on.. you can go to gym.. or do another sport activities.. because it makes you feel better.. and than meet with new girls.. there are great people in this world.. you can be sure that it won't be like before if she even come back to you.. i was with a girl like 8,5 years.. we both still love eachother.. but we are not together.. and we won't be probably.. because girls or boys mostly act like idiot.. you know why? because they always act like there are rules for this.. but no! there are no rules.. just there are some decisions because of they think there are rules.. and everyone has to respect other people's decisions.. there are 3,5 billion girls in this world.. like there are 3,5 billion books.. and you want read the same book always.. which you can't have it.. just you have to know if you dont start a new book.. you will never know there can be better books.. this is your life story.. everything is your decision.. but if someone go and never answer you that long.. you have to move.. you dont have to be with another girl.. or do anything.. being alone is nice too.. just you have to be strong.. you dont need her or any other person..

    • Great advice sir..!

    • That is great advice. Whatever you have mentioned in your comment, I have tried all those but at the end result always comes as I again start missing her too much.

      I joined gym and lost some weights also. I bought bike because that was a passion for me but that also did not help me. I bought some musical instruments and joined classes for that but that also did not help me.

      I use to keep myself extreme busy, for example I go to the office at around 9 AM and return back after 10 PM. I can't keep myself like this.

      I don't know why but I have strong feeling that she will come back in my life but until and unless she does not come, it is very difficult to live without her.

      Sometimes I think what is my fault, is this world not fit for honest and genuine people.

      My age is 27 and I earn too much but I don't have any bad habit and I have never run behind any girl other that her so why can't I deserve her (MY LOVE).

      Please pray for me so that she will return to me.


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  • was gonna read, until i saw all the paragraphs. so i hit the no.


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