Broke up with girlfriend?

broke up with my girlfriend after she was texting a friend she said in her phone it sounded like more to me. Him talking about how he would llike to taste her lips and her basically going along with it. So i told her to get out and she left. Now i miss her and only think about the good things.
She said she needs time. but then i never hear from her she never calls or texts. unless i text first
Its only been 5 days is that enough time or should i expect longer? She doesn't text unless i do then i get mad.
Should i just ignore her until she contacts me? and is she hurting as much as me

when i do talk to her she says she will always love me and il be in her heart.

i then told her fine il move on and she said if thats the way you want it good luck

been a week now since she moved out
its been 2 full days of no texting or anything and now im getting the urge to say hi so she doesn't forget about me. should i say hi? is there still a chance she will come back after a week?
Sunday she came over to give me a few things and she cried and we talked now since then she has ignored my texts

why is this?

its now been 2 weeks is there still a chance for us?

i asked her to eat dinner with me to talk but no response


Most Helpful Girl

  • Pull yourself together, she was flirting (or more) with another guy and she doesn't care if you move on. Don't go chasing after her again, that's lame. Sorry but it just sounds sad.


Most Helpful Guy

  • No chance it's not worth to back and it's time to move on dont follow her like u r needy person

    Find new girl


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  • Let her do the first move! She's at fault so yeah, make her work for your forgiveness. She doesn't sound sorry e? She seems fine about moving on. And be a man, if you said you'll move on now, commit to it.


What Guys Said 2

  • Move on bub, plenty of fish in the sea, 85% of which are better than your previous chick. You deserve better. Now act like it.

  • Just know that she's not gonna contact you.


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